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DMTF - Change Request Tool

The Change Request Tool allows the management and documentation of changes to a CIM-based schema. The tool manages two classifications of schema, Final and Experimental.

To request a change in the CIM Schema, use the tool to make the change and then either submit to the Schema WG or through the DMTF Feedback Portal.


    JavaTM 9 or higher


    ww_1_1_1.zip (38mb) 
    Extract the contents into a new folder.

    WARNING: The directory layout has changed. Also, starting the Change Request tool now requires an additional step. See the steps below.

    To start the tool, go to the ws\ww\bin directory and run java -jar WBEMWorkshop.jar. The WBEM Workshop window appears.
    To use the Change Request tool, open View->Change Request from the top-level menu. The Change Request window appears. NOTE: This is the additional step that is now needed.
    For Help, select Help->Help Contents from the top-level menu and expand the Change Request topic


    The license for using WBEM Workshop is at ws/ww/EULA.html

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